GIS tools for racial inequity

DRIEP: online anti-racism training through the Diversity and Resiliency Institute of El Paso, a good starting point for understanding your own biases and the history of institutional & systemic racism

AGU EPSP website: links to events, career & professional development opportunities, and more

CSDMS: guides, resources, and reading materials for those interested in learning more about landscape models

TopoToolbox: Matlab tools for analyzing DEMs

Terrain2stl: a site where you can turn topography from anywhere in the world into a 3D printing file and make cool handheld maps

Mountain Beltway: Callan Bentley (Professor of Geology at Piedmont Virginia Community College) writes a fantastic blog about all things geology, with a special emphasis on the gnarly deformation one can find hidden in the weathered and forested outcrops of the Mid-Atlantic

SERC: fun geoscience education resources for all levels

ClimateXChange: resources and advice on communicating climate science to stakeholders and the public

GRFP: Information about applying to the NSF’s Graduate Research Fellows program. Alex Lang has also created a helpful website for prospective applicants with lots examples of past winners’ research & personal statements

If you like this website and want to make your own, here's a helpful guide! I modeled mine after my labmate Jeffrey Kwang who was inspired by this Boston-area transit website